Luna Bar @ Pacific Regency Hotel

 The night view photo just look like the one we watched in LOST IN TRANSLATION, which is the Tokyo’s night view up from Sheraton Hotel. I always wonder why this rooftop bar is not crowded even though is weekends. The view is good, can see KL tower in closer distance but not KLCC. Maybe this is the reason or maybe is not located in Bukit Bintang. If want to have KLCC view, definitely Skybar@Traders hotel is the top choice. Anyway, this is my first time to sit next to the view.  The music is just good enough for us to go on with our conversation. I don‘t need to shout towards Mr.Vader.

This time we got a highly attentive young waiter. After we have our seat (a table close to the bar), we left our helmet to one of the waiter at the entrance. I asked whether we can switch to the seat next to the glass window to have the view next to me. He replied that is reserved table, I can moved to the seat next to the pool instead. So, we moved to there, have our drinks with pool view next to us while taking few photos.

The waiter passby and offered to help us take couple shot. so why not? I thought just a couple shots but at the end we got like 30 pictures! One more please, cheese, how about here? how about there? One more~ oh my god, first time ever i met a waiter like this, well, is a compliment to him. Good impression. We moved from the seat next to pool to the seat next to the window just for photo shoot.

After we back to our seat, continue our drinks, he came back with two big pillows below his arm and invited us to move to the seat next to window.

No minimum charges? NO


We had a wonderful Saturday night with good music and highly attentive waiter!
Good services! Perfect night!

*** The waiter also reminded us to take our helmet before we left, we have totally forgot about it. How good is that??


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